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2. View your answer as your opening argument. You are in law school now, which means, you are training to be a lawyer! View yourself as your first client. Be your own advocate..

. Example 1: show growth - "I've earned my way from intern to full-time x" Example 2: show your trustworthy - "I've earned the respect of my former supervisors who have all advocated for me to attend law school/apply for this job.". Example 3: show off - "After loads of hard work I'm now in x% of my class," or "I've placed. “Last night, your father told me that he’s been depending on medication to fall asleep ever since Shea passed away. He didn‘t bring his pills, so I went out to get some for him last night. He didn‘t bring his pills, so I went out to get some for him last night.


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In a great answer to “tell me about yourself” question you should always combine both professional & personal things. Details of your professional life should prevail (unless you have. Make sure your answers for each sound well-reasoned, though you don't need to lock yourself into a practice area at all. Make sure you sound flexible when asked about practice area interests..

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· The law requires large employers (those with 100 or more employees) to rehire their workers laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid soaring unemployment rates, the law is a welcome measure. Since the city declared a public health emergency on February 25, restaurants, retailers, hotels, catering companies, and car dealerships were among the.

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